From August – November our Sports & Entertainment POPstars can be seen everywhere from golf tournaments to college football stadiums to boat shows! During our busiest time of the year many of our team members went back to back to back working events and traveling from POP venue to the next.  This is why we create our MVP program to give a shout out to the many POPStars going above and beyond. Read below to learn more about our MVP’s!



Position: Staffing Manager, Golf Division

MVP Moment: Labor Saving Guru

Morgan was a huge leader and factor of holding all departments accountable for their labor hours and staffing numbers. In the end, her efforts saved 20% of the forecast labor! In addition, Morgan’s attitude and personality is always a joy to be around. If anyone is having a bad day, a few minutes with Morgan and her bubble gun will cheer them right up!


Position: Operations Team Member

MVP Moment: Amazing attitude, jumping into new territory and running it like he owns it!

Johnny stepped up this tournament and really took over distributing our specialty items, and he did it with excellence and a smile on his face. Johnny stepping up to do this ensured all of our clients got their special requests on time which is never easy to do through a PGA Tour crowd (like the one at tour Championship). On top of doing specialty runs, Johnny was running food, beverage, restocks for the rest of Premium and helping our concessions team out when they needed it. This entire event for Johnny was an MVP moment!


MVP: Chef Montise Brown

Positions: Executive Chef

Location: Jacksonville State University

Not only did Montise CRUSH game one at Jacksonville State University. She not only led the team and execution of JSU, she also ran the commissary kitchen in conjunction with Sous Chef Nicole Ortiz producing over 30 pallets with 64 pans each to support Auburn, UGA and President’s Cup. All around team player and a great person to work with!

MVP: Mac Loebig

Position: Warehouse Manager

Location: Mississippi State University

No one would’ve guessed it was Mac’s first game at MSU as the Warehouse Manager! He did an absolute stellar job stocking all the concessions stands to service the madness that is MSU game day. With the help of a lightning delay, our sales were almost double that off last year’s home opener. Mac’s planning and preparedness allowed our operations to seamlessly continue during an extremely busy game!



Position: Sous Chef

Location: Georgia Tech

Nicole has been in football season production mode since July 18th. She’s supported:

  1. 6 weeks of President’s Cup, Auburn & UGA production
  2. Jacksonville State University Game 1
  3. Georgia Tech Game 1 and 2
  4. A sold out soccer match
  5. And finished her run at Petit Le Mans at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta!

This football season would not be possible without her! She has tirelessly supported multiple venues while being an active leader within Georgia Tech. She inspires the entire team daily with her ‘Can Do’ attitude. Thank you, Nicole!


Oscar GonzalezOscar was a tremendous help this race. He owned the distribution and Par levels for each area. He ensured we never ran out! When we would call for something, he was already on the way with it. When we had additional orders, he was there within minutes with whatever we needed!

Johnny Howard: AKA “GT JOHNNY”GT Johnny is definitely a secret ninja! Chef Jimmy puts a great plan together and GT Johnny executed it. While no one was looking he ensured the food for the next day was already in designated areas. Because of GT Johnny all the food was on time! Thankful for him owning this area and always being ahead to make the meal periods go smooth!

Clint JenkinsClint wore many hats this race and the entire time he had a smile on his face and didn’t complain once. Always willing to lend a helping hand with the distro of staff, assisting with equipment and so much more… even the last day he was a shuttle driver for a little bit. If there was a “hole” he offered to fill it!  His willingness to adapt in any situation is the true definition of a PoPstar!


An event the size of President’s Cup needs an Army. With 94 managers, chefs, front of house captains, and operations team members traveling into Charlotte, NC plus over 1300 hourly shifts throughout the event, every person involved in the planning and execution of this event was vital. We’re excited to give special shout outs and award the Most Valuable POP Star Award to a few stand outs within each department.


Krista LambrechtKrista left her typical friendly confines of marketing and recruiting and gave front of the house leadership a shot and boy did she raise to the occasion! Krista led a team of 7 managers and dozens of employees at the single largest location on course and handled it like a lifelong pro. Krista stepped way out of her comfort zone and delivered an incredible experience for guests and PGA clients.

Lee Miller, Michael Scott, & Ben MairThe addition of these three support managers travelling in from Proof’s Off-Premise Division was an imperative addition to the Green Mile and Golf team as a whole. Without skipping a beat, they were able to run one of the largest and most prestigious locations on course with expertise and precision. All three managers proved to be irreplaceable assets to the operations and pushed forward the high standards of Proof of the Pudding service within the Sports & Entertainment team.


Dave PetersonThe Executive Chef behind the scenes at the prestigious Green Mile location. With Chef Dave’s talents and leadership, the Green Mile was one of the best run locations on course with beautiful displays of food across seven buffets.

Jeremy GooChef Jeremy Goo lead the largest location on course – Queen City. Queen City consisted of 30 suites all with individual buffets and unique menus. With Chef Jeremy’s leadership, flexibility, and ability to think on the fly, this location transformed from puzzle pieces to a well-oiled machine.


Jacob DearbornDearborn brought his “A Game” to President’s Cup. Paired against long days, intense distribution plans, and day of changes, Jacob took charge of the operations team and made things happen! His work ethic and leadership were greatly appreciated by all.

Logan ThompsonFrom runner to leader, Logan was asked to step up and perform on a higher level than previously expected and he certainly delivered! Logan took on the position of Ops Lead and was asked to provide leadership and direction to his peers and did so without missing a beat.


Megan CurrierA little bit of this, a little bit of that and a whole lot of everything else, Megan successfully managed multiple locations while simultaneously being the “go to’ for specialty items and operations. Megan’s strength and ability to willingly multitask makes her an absolute golf rock star!

Quiana JonesQuiana was a Jack of All Trades during President’s Cup. She was able to balance multiple tasks and effectively bring all the small details together to ensure everyone was set up for success. Her positive attitude during long workdays and unrelenting work ethic shined throughout the weeks she was onsite.

Chelsea GoodrichChelsea’s knowledge and expertise in managing Golf & Special Events VIP areas shined with her leadership in the Green Mile. Partnered with the Off-Premise support managers, Chelsea’s ingenuity, organization, and flexibility learned through golf operations paired perfectly with the finesse brought from Off-Premise Catering.


Sharon Casa Valencia – Circuit of the Americas

Sharon has been one of our busiest and most reliable Front of House Managers supporting every branch of Proof’s business – from Offsite and the Zoo, to Special Events and College Football – Sharon has done it all! At Circuit of the America’s Sharon was overseeing one of Proof’s most recurring and VIP clients. The way Sharon connected with and worked with this client to ensure all their needs were met was unmatched and made the event very memorable. Thank you Sharon!

Jeff Weiss & Shannon Comtess – Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 

Like many S&E POPStars, Jeff and Shannon have been on the road traveling from back-to-back events for the entire Fall season. With Shannon and Jeff starting and excelling at The Green Mile at President’s Cup, Shannon then taking a lead role at Petit Le Mans, both returning for the F1 race at Circuit of the Americas, THEN following up with leading the kitchen at FLIBS – Jeff and Shannon definitely deserve a shout out! At FLIBS they stepped up in leading the staff, executing the prep list to always being ahead, and together they executed a yacht party of 3,400 appetizer pieces!

Yadin John – University of Alabama 

Being a part of the Alabama Football tradition is an honor. Providing the F&B to the most VIP areas, makes it even grander and higher profile – Yadin stepped up in the kitchen by providing leadership, organization, and an intense attention to detail to truly elevate Proof’s presentation and service. After the game, Chef Vagn had nothing but great things to share about working with Yadin. “I have worked with many chefs in my time now, but Yadin will always be one I will remember and be thankful to…The way she took on the task to help oversee this week’s game, the way she communicated in a very calm fashion with all the staff and the way she followed my direction made this game a success. I have really never worked with Yadin before, but I will tell all of you……..she has just been added as one of my wing man ore in this case wing woman …..I will go to battle with her any time.”



Sara Harrel (Rising Star) – Duke University

Sara started with the team working with a NFP group and in just one year she has been promoted to Staffing Coordinator. Her attention to detail and ability to multi-task is unmatched. Sara is an amazing addition to the team and we can’t wait to see her career with us grow!

Twanda McAfee (Hard Working Dedication) – Auburn University

Twanda always works hard. The Auburn team knows the job will be done in the best way possible when she’s in the hot kitchen. She’s an awesome employee for Proof of the Pudding. Thank you, Twanda!

Joey Fornek (“The Glue”) – University of Georgia

Everyone knows Joey as the voice of the “Southside” of Sanford Stadium… but he does so much more! Prepping, setup, moving food and equipment, expediting, breaking down… HE LITERALLY DOES EVERYTHING! Not only does Joey expedite all of the food on the southside, he is solely responsible to ensure everything arrives from GSD to UGA and in its assigned area. While everyone is resting after game day, Joey is back the next day bright and early to grab anything left behind, but most importantly to meet the NFP company with the food donation for a local church. Mind you, he does all of this with such a great attitude, some of the kitchen crew gave him the nickname of “Motivational Speaker.” Joey is the unsung hero of UGA! If we don’t tell you enough… thank you Joey for being the glue that keeps the UGA operation together!

by Dina Biondo in Popstars