Our POPstars team is dedicated to working hard throughout the year for our events. When it comes to our Sports & Entertainment (S&E), we have some standout POPstars who go full throttle during our busiest time, from August to November annually. This year is no different, and we can’t help but sing their praises for the extra effort they’ve put into making this season a success. Our MVP program recognizes them all, and we’d love to take a moment to proudly announce them below. Take a look:


Congratulations to DUKE University’s Director of Catering, Jane Garland, and Auburn’s Support Executive Chef, Dave Stasiulis.

🏈Dave Stasiulis – The Ultimate Teammate
Nominated by Chef Nick Klug
Chef Dave came off a great week one at Auburn and went on to assist at Wake Forest University back-to-back. He organized the suites program and fired everything himself. He did all this while still running the culinary program at Zoo Atlanta! Thank you, Dave!

🏈Jane Garland – Sales & Game Day Leader
Nominated by Dontez Pherribo
Jane absolutely crushed it for games one and two. Operations looked amazing and ran very smooth. She monitored game day operations while also crushing it with gameday billing, catering billing, and AR! On top of it all, she also supported the Wake Forest team. Thank you, Jane!

Congratulations to Gas South Region’s Executive Pastry Chef, Javier Rodriguez, and Mississippi State University’s Sous Chef, Dilyasah Poe.

🏈Chef Javier Rodriguez
Nominated by Ben Witte, Darrel Willms, and Trenise Guerrero
“Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought.” – Albert Einstein
I couldn’t describe Chef Javi any other way! His innovative thinking and ingenious creations has won the hearts of many clients, especially the UGA President’s Office. While he leaves guests in awe each week with his visual aesthetics, on game day he works alongside one of the best chefs in all of S&E to expedite a flawless operation on the north side of the stadium. If we don’t say it enough to the “Suite Sweets Soul” of North Georgia, our very own “UGA Willy Wonka,” Chef Javi… WE APPRECIATE YOU!!! It is an absolute honor to serve with you… KEEP CRUSHING IT!!! Thank you, Javi!

🏈Chef Dilyasah Poe
Nominated by Dontez Pherribo
Poe started with Proof as a temporary stand cook and now leads one of Proof largest concession culinary accounts. She has done an amazing job at recruiting and training a team that simply “gets it done” on game! Poe is a force behind the scenes and is vital to the team’s success. Thank you, Poe!

Congratulations to Chef Glen and Chef Jimmy!

🏈 Chef Glen
Nominated by Chef Jimmy

Going on his 10th season as the UGA southside mastermind, Chef Glen has been a huge contributor to the UGA operation. His eagerness to learn, determination to excel, and infectious laugh keeps the kitchen environment light and hearty. Not only is Glen a vital part of UGA’s southside kitchen success…. he has the best chef pants in all of S&E! Thankfully, Glen has instilled his work ethic in all his children, so the Fornek clan will be a part of the Proof family for generations to come. Thank you, Glen!

🏈 Chef Jimmy
Nominated by Darrell Willms

Leadership is a set of behaviors used to help people align their collective direction, to execute strategic plans, and to continually renew an organization.

I am not sure of another way to describe the man, the myth, the legend… Chef Jimmy! Every event Chef runs is nothing short of exemplary excellence. The kitchen atmosphere created by Chef Jimmy will have you feeling relief with his operational brilliance and reminding you to radiate positive liveliness. While in the midst of any hospitality hardships, Chef Jimmy continues to convey nothing but serenity and peace. Chef Jimmy exudes some of the best leadership in all of S&E. He may not like leaving the ATL perimeter, but the “Dawgs” are forever grateful that he is now a part of our family. Your leadership at UGA, GT, and JSU is greatly appreciated! Continue to, “Grind like that… to shine like this!” Thanks, Jimmy!


Announcing our MVPs from our two October Raceway events – Formula One United States Grand Prix at Circuit of the Americas and Petit Le Mans at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta. Thank you to the MANY POPStars that worked and supported these events, we could not have done it without you – check out a few of the standout POPStars from Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta below.

🏎️Liam Dennis – Liam is the newest member of the team and conquered his 1st Petit. The suites experience was one of the smoothest due to Liam’s expertise and thoroughness of details. Welcome to the team Liam! We can wait to crush more events with you!

🏎️Aubrey Anderson- Running from each event site to ensure the team could proficiently execute, answering every call, and distributing over 1000 gallons of coffee… Aubrey carried the entire premium operation on her shoulders for Petit. It is a pleasure to serve with you!

🏎️Johnny “GT” Howard: Back 2 Back MVP from this team… the secret ninja with the smoothest distribution system. GT Johnny ran it like he owned it and made each area a success.

🏎️Paige Hubert – Paige was the glue that held Petit together. Always making a way despite any challenges, accommodating changes, and creating creative ways to ensure each event had an extraordinary culinary experience. Thank you for CRUSHING IT!


More MVPs from our two October Raceway events – Formula One United States Grand Prix at Circuit of the Americas and Petit Le Mans at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta. Check out a few of the standout POPStars from F1 at Circuit of The Americas.

IT & Operations MVP’s
🏎️Marguerite Wolford – Spearheaded the largest POS setup and execution in Proof history.

🏎️Travis Morris – Led overnight operations with a smile, leading the restock teams and handling all operational needs and challenges.

🏎️Zach Bolf – Lead Operations Team Member – we’ve never seen anyone move as fast as he does all day long. Zach never has an empty cart as he is consistently moving necessary products and equipment around.


Introducing the standout POPStars who made our October Raceway events a success! With 10,000 shifts to be filled, we had more than enough staff, thanks to this exceptional crew.

The F1 at Circuit of The Americas Staffing Team demonstrated efficiency and organization, which played a pivotal role in ensuring we had the necessary manpower to execute a successful event across the entire venue. A big shoutout to the fantastic behind-the-scenes work of Morgan Schank, Nico Luttrell, and Elena Cepeda.


Next up, we would like to give a shout-out to the MVPs of our October Raceway event from the Culinary & Distribution Teams at F1 at Circuit of The Americas!

🏎️Chef Dave Peterson – Led pre-production knocking out 5 large projects and all breakfast sandwich before the whole team even arrived, then went and led Club SI and nailed it. The VIP area’s many buffets looked and tasted amazing!

🏎️ Chef Frank Rog – Led all premium in the Main Grandstand and was a great help in a VVIP suite for set up and assisting in getting products out there. It may seem like a small thing, but Chef also ran employee meals the entire event, providing probably thousands of the best employee meals we have had in special events.

This is one of the hardest-working teams anyone could ever ask for. Staying late to ensure food and product distribution was accurate and finalized prior to the rest of the team returning the next day. Thank you for going above and beyond to make this event happen!
• Chef Nick Rodgers
• Chef Jeremy Goo
• Will Smith
• Norman Orsette
• Chef Genise Garcia


Let’s give a well-deserved round of applause to our “anchors” of excellence at The Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show!

⚓Trenise Guerrero | Nominated by Stephanie Hansard
Trenise did an exceptional job in her support role overseeing Premium Hospitality. To be a liaison between sales and operations all while keeping her team on task and organizing the distribution and execution plan of many coinciding parties and service times is no small feat. She stepped into a very important role that she absolutely crushed! Thank you, Trenise!

⚓Brailey Dohanos | Nominated by Stephanie Hansard
This was Brailey’s first boat show as a Premium Event Supervisor, but no one would have ever guessed it! From set-up to break-down, Brailey executed everything with a calm and collected “can-do” attitude. She oversaw the busy and very VIP Windward Club and ensured everyone was happy, the buffets were above standards, and everything behind the scenes was smooth and timely. Brailey was a huge part of the success and continued glowing reviews of Boat Show’s signature hospitality space. Thank you, Brailey!



Let’s shine the light on members of our MSU team. This team had two football games within five days of each other, plus a basketball game and then volunteered to drive and support Auburn’s Iron bowl game the next Saturday!!

🏈Jillian Wendler
Jillian Wendler is our General Manager at Mississippi State University. Not only has Jillian absolutely crushed it with premium services for football and basketball; Jillian continues to go above and beyond by supporting Proof at COTA Motor Speedway and at Auburn University. Proof would like to say thank you for all that to do!

🏈Andy Pokorny
Next up will be Mississippi State’s private suite manager Andy Pokorny. Last year this time, Andy served as our beverage manager. In just one year Andy had been promoted to suite manager, and he has done so while still supporting our golf division, our operations at COTA, and again Auburn University. Andy’s hard work and dedication is truly appreciated.

🏈Latalla Harris
Up next is Mississippi State’s private club manager, Latalla Harris. Latalla manages one of Proofs largest S&E gameday club level, Floyd Wade. On gamedays her team provides services to over 1,800 guest and she does it all with a smile. In the middle of all the chaos, you can find Latalla somewhere providing direction and leading her team to success. In her “off time” she also supports COTA, and Auburn University. True definition of a POPStar!

🏈 Levi Naehu
Lastly, we would like to recognize Levi Naehu. Levi is simply amazing. Levi’s home department with Proof of the Pudding is our golf division. In his spare time Levi can be found somewhere supporting wherever there is a need. Whether it’s at Mississippi State, Auburn, COTA, or our offsite division, we can all rest assured that Levi is somewhere making an experience that much better for our customers and clients. Thank you, Levi!

Nominated by Ben Witte and Dontez Pherribo

by Dina Biondo in Popstars