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Emergency Management Services

Proof’s Emergency Relief Catering is ready to respond in 48h. We have the right people, equipment, skills, and experience to successfully operate in extreme conditions. Based in Atlanta, GA—we are ready to provide emergency foodservice across the United States.

Full mobilization within 48 hours

When disaster strikes or an emergency situation arises, chances are that your team is working diligently to mobilize and ensure they have resources to get the community up and running. That’s where Proof comes in. Our dedicated Emergency Services Response Team consists of trained professionals including: Executive Chefs, Servers, Operators and Project Managers. We will respond immediately to strategize and mobilize, providing fresh healthy meals around the clock for 1000’s within 48 hours. From our home in Atlanta, GA, we are ready to serve across the Southeast.

Call us 24 hours a day at (770) 990.7537

You are making a very tough situation a lot more bearable for a lot of people. From my staff and from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Government Agency

Resources and state-of-the-art equipment

Our extensive network of operations in more than 18 states allows us to source the essentials when and where they are needed to mobilize immediately. We also have a network with the top 50 catering organizations in the United States that can help to quickly mobilize and provide local staffing.

Experience feeding for:

Disaster cleanup, hurricane response, emergency hospitals —we’re here to help!

Emergency Hospitals

Now more than ever, we understand and value the importance of our front-line essential workers. No standard cafeteria meal will suffice; they deserve more for putting their lives on the line daily to save the lives of others. We are able to provide complete daily foodservice to both frontline workers and patients.

Police & Military

You may be used to base camp food that just does the job. Proof not only provides food for fuel but food that will offer a little bit of delight during a difficult situation. Our skilled executive chefs, servers and operations teams will make sure your teams have all they need to feel prepared to protect our communities.

Hurricane Response

You don’t know when hurricanes will strike, but you can count on us for food when they do. The recovery period for communities struck by hurricanes can be upwards of a year, with aid workers and disaster recovery teams giving their all for months. While they’re giving back, Proof is giving them what they need to stay strong and resilient. Based in Atlanta, GA, our Emergency Relief Catering Services can be ready to go across the Southeast in 48h.

Ice Storm Response

Typically, ice storms = no power. While many think that means no hot meals for workers looking to fix the power and help the community, our Emergency Management Services Team has all the equipment and experience to prepare healthy meals in the most unstable environments. Proof brings the power!

Disaster Cleanup

Tornadoes, wildfires, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods—all these natural disasters have the chance to destroy our communities in an instant. Those crews and first responders who pick up the pieces to put our communities back together deserve a safe place to enjoy a meal. Proof will provide that and more for disaster cleanup crews of any kind, in any conditions.
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Quick Response Emergency Foodservice—Available 24/7

When disaster strikes, we’ll be prepared to assist your crew with the disaster response catering they need, any time of day or night. Call our Emergency Services Response Team directly at 770-990-7537 to discuss your needs. Let us take some of the burden off your team and provide sustenance so they can focus on getting the job done.

Call us 24 hours a day at (770) 990.7537

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