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Who Are We?

Proof of the Pudding spent the last 40 years answering this question through top-notch food, service, design expertise and experiences for clients throughout Atlanta and beyond. Though we’ve had the privilege of serving U.S. dignitaries and esteemed individuals, all customers get the Proof treatment.

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Photo Credit: Jack Parada Photography
Photo Credit: Jack Parada Photography
Photo credit: Cindy Brown Photographer
Photo Credit: Jack Parada Photography

Relationships first

Everyone on our team wants to make a difference together and connect with the customer on the other side. At Proof of the Pudding, we have an “I win, we all win” mentality. We’re consistently engaged, committed and dedicated to the success of all our people and locations company-wide.

Quality is never sacrificed, no matter the situation.

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The definition of buffet means A meal consisting of several dishes in which guests serve themselves. This too can describe the staff of Proof. We at Proof are a diverse staff that consists of all genders, races, and personality types. Just like entrees at a buffet, some of our people can be hearty, some bland, some are spicy and others are so sweet. Regardless of the type, all of our people have a solid and thorough work ethic and take great pride in serving others. Also, like the meals at a buffet, our people are of a large variety and can accommodate anyone in any situation. Respect for each other and the people we serve is of the utmost importance to us. On the outside looking in, we may appear to be a potluck dinner but make no mistake, we’re the perfect combination of ingredients and that’s the Proof in the Pudding!

Veronica Jackson – Veronica Jackson, Auburn University Supervisor

Dedicated to sustainability

We have high standards of sustainability. We do this by using locally sourced, organic foods and eco-friendly products, fostering relationships with local farmers and taking preventative waste measures.

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We give back

Leading in the community through participation and service in business, community and charitable organizations is a passion at Proof of the Pudding.

We are committed to giving back at every opportunity. Proof of the Pudding has contributed millions of dollars in support of a myriad of community and charitable organizations over the past forty years in both in kind contributions and direct donations.

  • Atlanta Community Food Bank
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Experience the extraordinary

Proof focuses on detailed planning, delicious food, superb service and a collaborative design team. We want our clients to enjoy their most memorable occasions…without the stress.

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