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Build connections. Inspire others.

The proof is in our passion together. At Proof of the Pudding, we’ve built a diverse team of talented, heart-driven individuals lucky enough to find community and family in each other. We’re all about your long-term growth and creating an environment of belonging (and fun!)

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What’s next?

As trend-setters and idea-makers, we think big. Recreate the box with us! Don’t think of Proof as another job. As industry leaders, we dedicate ourselves to creating a place where you can truly grow and thrive.

Our Mission

Our team is dedicated to quality and making our clients happy. This is achieved through creating next-level culinary experiences and providing exceptional service.

Inclusion & Diversity

We pride ourselves on our differences. Every single one of us has our own backgrounds, strengths and ideas to bring to the table. Everyone is involved and validated. We take care of each other here.

High Team Engagement

We’ve built an incredible culture of owner-operators, and our employees are engaged on every level—from the leadership team to the kitchen to the stadium floor. It’s your company too!

Continuous Growth

You will get tons of hands-on experience here. We’ve been around the block a few times, so we can connect you to some amazing opportunities. If you’re a dedicated individual, you’ll go far on our team.

Current openings

People who have experienced Proof tend to stick around for a long-term career. We’re a fun, high-energy workplace that can expose you to a piece of everything in the hospitality business. If you have a love for bringing people together and creating memories, we want to hear from you! Apply online or email us your application at

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