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Fundraising with nonprofits – It's in our DNA

One of the pillars of Proof is relationships and community involvement - that's where you come in! Partnering with area nonprofits is a great way to learn more about what a community values and help in a big way. Please read on about how to sign up and what to expect when fundraising with Proof of the Pudding!

Who is Proof of the Pudding?

Proof of the Pudding is a catering company out of Atlanta. For the past 42 years, they have served up top-notch food, services, designs, and experiences to a variety of clients and venues. Proof of the Pudding’s most recent undertaking was a huge expansion into Sports & Entertainment – Proof S&E was born!

Opportunities for Everyone

Fundraising Opportunities

Colleges & Universities, PGA Golf Tournaments, Florida International Yacht Shows & More

We, Hugs Café Inc, have had the pleasure to partner with “Proof” and its team of “POP Stars” over the past two years as they impeccably execute the Byron Nelson golf tournament as the exclusive event caterer. To say that Hugs Café was brought into a league of legends with this partnership is an understatement. These guys have elevated what it means to bring food and fun to event-goers all while going the extra mile to bring in community partners like ourselves. -Lauren Smith, Hugs Cafe Inc Executive Director, AT&T Byron Nelson Golf Tournament 2023, 2022 & 2021

The first day I made sandwiches and the rest of the week I took food orders. It was a great experience and I would volunteer again. It makes me feel awesome to help out. -Sky'Asia, High School Sophomore, Palmetto Championship 2021

I volunteered because I felt that it was a good time for volunteering. I wanted to make a difference in my own life and I also wanted to help the community - Ka'Lah, High School Junior, Palmetto Championship 2021

– Real Proof Volunteers

Who Can Volunteer?

Volunteers have to be 16 years or older. To serve alcohol, volunteers need to be 18+. Each location will need to have some adults, if you have a youth heavy organization, find some parents, guardians, or maybe a helpful neighbor that’d be willing to help! It may be beneficial to look into partnering with other like-caused organizations (i.e sororities partnering with fraternities, volleyball teams partnering with soccer teams, etc.) Options are limitless and flexible. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Learn more about a day in the life of a volunteer

How Much Money Can a Nonprofit Earn?

Great question! Payment can differ based on which venue you chose, but in general – your group will come in and run a concession stand like you own it and in return Proof will provide you with a percentage of your sales and, of course, ALL your tips!

Like stated before, compensation can vary based on location, group size and commitment level. Organizations receive a percentage of beer sales, concession sales and all tips given by guests.

POP S&E is now one of the largest growing sports and entertainment caterers in the Southeast. They provide concessions and premium dining at numerous universities – UGA, GT, JSU, MSU, Auburn, Alabama, DUKE, and more! Plus work with the PGA, NASCAR/IMSA, and Florida International Yacht Shows.


Learn how much your group can earn with our fundraising program

  • Auburn
  • Duke
  • Miami Yacht Show
  • Georgia
  • Georgia Tech
  • Palm Beach International Boat Show
  • Mississippi State
  • PGA Tour
  • Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

We are here to help!

Please reach out to us for more information or with questions.

College & Universities – Krista Lambrecht

PGA Golf Tournaments – Morgan Schank

Florida International Yacht Shows – Krista Lambrecht

Offsite Events – Babatunde Siwajuola 

Gas South District – Abdullah Burks

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