Three brand-new event venues are about to hit the scene in Atlanta’s vibrant West Midtown! View them and learn more. X
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Our racetrack portfolio includes iconic tracks such as Circuit of the Americas and Michelin Raceway, where we excel in providing concessions, premium hospitality suite cuisine, and comprehensive catering services. Whether you're a racing enthusiast or attending an event at these renowned venues, our team is dedicated to elevating your culinary experience, ensuring that every bite is as memorable as the action on the track.

The Michelin Tower

The Michelin Tower is the premium spot during races and hosts many suites and VIP clubs with a street-side window view of the track.

Every experience is special.

We’ve partnered with some of Atlanta’s most frequented and loved venues to create quality experiences. And we’ve helped them establish and run food service brands that are easily recognizable. Every POP experience is different because each location and customer relationship is different!

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