When we first partnered with Circuit of the Americas (COTA) to provide food and beverage service to their track’s 20 turns year-round, we knew it was going to be an exciting opportunity. Our journey kicked off at the exhilarating F1 Grand Prix 2023 in Austin, Texas, and we couldn’t wait to serve race fans top-tier culinary delights. From velvety ice cream and refreshing shaved ice to an array of smoked meats, frosty cocktails, crispy fried chicken, and so much more, this event boasted a mouthwatering array of options for every attendee’s palate. It was an absolute culinary treat, filled with flavors that made it an unforgettable and vivacious gathering.

Leading up to the beginning of the F1 Grand Prix 2023 event (which took place from October 20-22) was media night, highlighting a particularly popular and delicious dish, Blackened Redfish, among others. Take a look at some highlights below:

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by Dina Biondo in Event