The POP team was truly honored to be a part of something extraordinary—a surprise wedding proposal held at our headquarters event space, 1175. The evening itself was like a dream, unfolding as a progressive romantic dinner that started with a warm and heartfelt welcome. As the gentle melodies of Luther Vandross filled the air, the atmosphere became even more enchanting. Watching the couple descend into a beautifully adorned setting of red hearts, flickering candles, and fragrant flowers was simply magical. 

With glasses of champagne and plates of fresh fruit, the moment arrived—a heartfelt proposal set amid the shimmering candlelight. Witnessing this intimate gesture left us all in awe. The journey continued as we ventured into the softly illuminated kitchen, where two more courses of exquisite cuisine awaited. And then, as the night drew to a close, we gathered upstairs for dessert, greeted by the joyous message displayed on the television: ‘SHE SAID YES.’ Take a look below at beautiful photo highlights from the evening and specially curated menu by Chef Vagn.



“It’s hard to put into words the magic and emotions that filled the air on that unforgettable Saturday night. The intimate ambiance and attention to detail by the team made our engagement evening truly special. Witnessing the smiles, the tears, and the shared joy of those present added an ethereal touch to the atmosphere. Being that it was something different and not their typical routine adds an extra layer of sentiment to our story. Chef Vagn and his team outdid themselves! Special thanks to Chef Vagn, Michael, Mandette, and Amanda for playing along for the big surprise!! Last but not least, to Nicole, for helping me with the screen display. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to everyone at Proof of the Pudding for making our engagement a night to forever remember & cherish.” 

– Kristin & Guivia

Special Event Menu

  • Corn Crab Cake: Roasted Aspaargus, Orange Beuree Blanc & Topped with Chili Thread
  • Tomato Salad: Cows Milk Cheese, Tomato Vinaigrette Consommé
    • *inspired by Villa West in Denmark Michelin Star Restaurant*
  • Pork Loin Tower: Shitake and Cipollini Onion, Fig & Balsamic Demi Sauce
  • Atlantic Cod Meuniere: Mediterranean Risotto, Basil Broth
  • Chocolate Strawberry Mascarpone: Served under a Chocolate Disk


by Dina Biondo in Event