A special thank you to everyone that took the time to nominate so many outstanding and deserving Mothers in their lives. We loved each and every touching story submitted…making it a challenge for our team and guest judge, Mara Davis to select the winners.

Congratulations to our five winners – each of these deserving women wins one of our Mother’s Day Heat & Serve packages to enjoy on Mother’s Day Sunday. Enough can never be said about the wonderful hearts and acts of these mothers. We invite you to read their stories and learn more about what made these Mom POPstars stand above the rest!


Zahra Virani, married since 2015, has been a nurse with Northside Hospital for 5 years now. Rising through the ranks, Zahra’s drive and skill has led to her becoming supervisor of the GI unit at Northside Hospital.

In 2017, Zahra and her husband (Faizan) started a family – only to experience a pregnancy that resulted in miscarriage. While devastated, Zahra was resilient. And only a few months after their heart-breaking loss (a few days after Zahra’s birthday in 2017) they found out that she was pregnant once again.

Zahra’s pregnancy was filled with fear and flashbacks. She rode a pregnancy rollercoaster from 22 to 38 weeks – when she delivered early. After a challenging pregnancy Zahra delivered a beautiful boy, Kai.

Zahra shows her family every day that she can do it all and is willing to do it all as a wife and especially as a mother. She works 5 days a week at the hospital to be able to have a more normalized schedule so she can be home with her sweet family. Her husband notes, “I always saw the drive she had when it came to her life, even before Kai, but when we had him that drive went into overdrive and she will do anything for him and us.”


Katrina Cowger is a wonderful friend and colleague to many. She’s been through some difficult times, and yet  has reemerged in the loveliest ways. Last year she returned to the special events industry as the venue manager at Summerour Studio – always working with a smile on her face and a helping hand.

However, since the beginning of the pandemic she has been unemployed (as so many of our friends in the events industry have). Another stressor, Katrina’s middle daughter is a nurse on the front lines. Yet Katrina has continued to embrace only the positive.

Instead of being down and out, Katrina has made lemonade with these lemons we’ve all been given. Along with her partner Trina, she started a business to help in the fight against COVID-19. They are now making and selling face coverings – giving part of the proceeds to Atlanta’s Covenant House to help homeless youth. An inspiration, Katrina has been sewing like crazy, delivering all over town, and promoting health and happiness amidst all this craziness.


Just retired, Arlene Youorski has been a special needs pre-school and elementary school para-professional in the Gwinnett County school system for twenty years. Arlene is a teacher that others wanted in their classroom – she excelled at working with difficult behaviors. Many students who have loved Arlene the most are those with the most trying needs and conditions.

From the beginning to the end of her career, Arlene has always treated each child with respect – never talking down to them, but always pushing them to accomplish more independently. As for other teachers, they appreciated her constant sense of humor.

In her personal life, Arlene has been battling cancer for two years – but you would never know it. Through her battle she kept working full-time, never complaining about her struggles and always enjoying the work. Even now with COVID-19, Arlene recently helped teachers in her school take down the classrooms in preparation for the summer and fall. This mom’s retirement has been well earned!


Linda Green is an Atlanta mother that recently lost her daughter, Brent Green to COVID-19. When receiving nominations for our giveaway more than one person shared Linda’s story with us. Now raising her daughter’s 12-year old twin boys, we certainly agreed that this was a deserving mom.

On Friday, April 3, 2020 Brent Green passed away from COVID-19 complications after a nearly two-week battle. She was 36 years old with no underlying health issues. Sadly, Brent’s sons are still trying to wrap their heads around what happened to their mother while processing that they will never see her again.

As uncertain as these times and circumstances are, one definite certainty is the unconditional love Brent had for her children and family and the love that her mom Linda had for her.

Learn more about Linda and her beautiful daughter on her recent interview with WSB Channel 2: https://bit.ly/3cm69k3




Teresa Grimes is a mother f 11 children (9 of those adopted). While in quarantine, she has eight children from the ages of 8 to 17 at home – and has been home-schooling them alongside her husband while also cooking and cleaning for 10 every day.

Her oldest daughter was set to get married this April. However, since the pandemic she has helped her daughter shoulder unexpected stress and emotions. The big beautiful wedding has been postponed, but Teresa  pulled together the perfect backyard wedding for her daughter and now son-in-law. She spent countless hours getting her yard ready for the special day.

Teresa is a full-time mom, but in her extra time she helps others with adopting and finding forever homes for children all over the country. She started a non-profit years ago when she realized how difficult the adopting process was to navigate. Caring and compassionate, Teresa is a hard-working and big-loving mom that’s deserving of an extra special Mother’s Day this year!

by Kelly Treadway in News, Holiday, Press