When it comes to creating a masterpiece book of recipes there can never be too many cooks in the kitchen! There was definitely talent in the kitchen when Proof of the Pudding’s Chef Vagn Nielsen and Chef Scott Balham-Morgan were selected to contribute to the second cookbook created by the exclusive organization, Leading Caterers of America (LCA). Working alongside a group of ‘super chefs’ they focused all of their culinary energies into creating a cookbook that gives the reader the rare opportunity of receiving detailed recipes and tips from a few of America’s top chefs.


Proof’s Chef Vagn shared, “It is always inspiring spending time with other outstanding chefs in the industry from all over. Not only did we create some great food…we created great camaraderie as well!”


In preparation for the release of their second annual cookbook, the Leading Caterers of America brought together 15 renowned chefs with diverse backgrounds. Working together in Charleston, South Carolina they imagined and then created a cookbook containing some of the most premier appetizers, entrées, desserts and tasty delights. Highlighting what makes the catering industry most unique, many of the recipes selected were those that would perform best when made in large quantities and photographed well of course. Additionally, the chef contributed detailed instructions in making the right quantity for each recipe…whether portions for their family, a small intimate gathering or for a large scale event.

Each chef selected to participate submitted their recipes in advance. This process allowed for the ‘best of the best’ dishes to be selected – creating a cohesive collection of recipes. Chef Vagn’s selected dish was Deconstructed Tuna Nicoise Served On Green Olive Flan. Beautifully executed – this dish gives a nod to both French and Spanish cuisine. Chef Scott’s creative contribution was “Street CornCrab Salad which has elements of a popular Mexican dish with a fresh twist and southern flair by serving in a small mason jar. We are delighted that Proof of the Pudding will be adding Chef Scott’s item to Fripp Island Resort’s menu this summer. Make your plans now to come and try it!

Chef Vagn Dish POP

Chef Scott Dish POP

“We want to send a message that ‘catering’ food can be high-end too…the same as what you get in the finest restaurants and hotels,” expresses Chef Vagn. “Catering chefs are constantly challenged to be innovative, creative and to think outside-out-the-box for every single event no matter what the logistical challenges can be! This book truly reflects how the catering industry has changed and I’m pretty proud to be a part of that transition after all of these years!”

unspecified-4 The Leading Caterers of America recipe book will be released later this year.. so stay tuned for us to share more details on how you can purchase a copy of this innovative resource of your own!

Originally founded at Catersource 2007 as the ‘Top Gun Roundtable’, a CEO roundtable group specific to the catering industry. In 2011, the group made the transition to becoming the Leading Caterers of America (LCA), and expanded to include catering sales, management and culinary roundtables.

Members of Leading Caterers are among the most successful caterers in North America – most of the members are the largest or second largest caterers in their respective geographical markets. The preponderance of geographic areas are exclusive to a single member company, and the LCA members are generally independent caterers.

Admission to the LCA is by invitation only, with invitations extended by the LCA Steering Committee and the Executive Director. Currently there are 51 member companies in the US and Canada. These 51 members represent approximately 8% of total catering revenue in the US and Canada, even though they only count as half of 1% of the total number of caterers.

Proof of the Pudding is honored to be a member of this dynamic group. For more information about Leading Caterers of America visit www.leadingcaterers.com.

by Dina Biondo in Recipes, Event