Giving Kitchen (GK) recently announced that they have now given their 1,500th grant and celebrated a record-breaking $865,000+ raised at Team Hidi 7. In February, GK also announced the expansion of their eligibility criteria to support catering, concessions and food truck workers in addition to restaurant workers as of 2019.

Approximately 8,000 food service workers in Georgia will face falling into poverty because of an unexpected crisis this year, but GK is helping prevent that by serving more food service workers than ever in 2019. Bryan Schroeder, GK’s Executive Director, says, “It was an incredible moment for Giving Kitchen to raise over $865,000 for food service workers – including those working in catering, food trucks and concessions – next to some of the biggest names in catering on Giving Kitchen’s largest stage. We’re so excited to welcome catering, concessions and food truck employees to Giving Kitchen’s family!”

The Giving Kitchen welcomed Proof of the Pudding, and other top caterer organizations to present a $33,000 check from the Atlanta catering community.

The food service industry is much larger than just restaurants – it’s 3.5% of the population in Georgia, which equates to approximately 300,000 workers that are underpaid, overworked and underinsured. By becoming available to more parts of the food service industry, GK will be able to help provide stability to 15,000 more members of the food service community not only with financial grants but also by connecting them to over 300 Stability Network partners.

If you are a food service worker in crisis – or know someone who is – please start at to request assistance from Giving Kitchen. If you would like to support a food service worker financially through Giving Kitchen, please give at

Giving Kitchen (GK) is a nonprofit organization that provides emergency assistance to food service workers through financial support and a network of community resources in order to create a restaurant community where crisis is met with compassion and care. Since its inception, GK has given over 1,500 grants and served over 2,400 food service workers in Georgia. GK’s shift starts when theirs can’t. For more about Giving Kitchen, visit + follow on social media at @givingkitchen.

by Dina Biondo in Event, Media, Team