At Proof of the Pudding, we have many friends, clients, partners, and vendors who are a part of the Jewish community. So, we wholeheartedly understand that when you’re planning a bar or bat mitzvah or other catered simchas in Atlanta, you want to find venues that are able to provide hassle-free kosher catering. This is just one of the reasons Proof of the Pudding loves working at Zoo Atlanta and was excited to create POP Kosher!

As a part of the semi-recent $50 million renovation, our POP Kosher team worked with Zoo Atlanta to prioritize an AKC-certified kitchen where we are able to serve high-end kosher celebrations and weddings with an attentive eye to providing Glatt kosher cuisine.

Today, we’re sharing just a few ways POP Kosher and our partners at Zoo Atlanta make kosher events simple!

Our chef can make most menu items kosher.

kosher seafood catering

Typically, executive chef Dave Stasiulis customizes each and every kosher menu to suit your unique desires. He does this by sharing the non-kosher menu to spark some ideas, and then, he’s able to make them kosher for your event—no involvement on your end required!

Everything is prepared at the on-site AKC-certified kosher catering kitchen.

kosher ahi tuna

Every dish served is prepared and served in accordance with kashrut. This kitchen is able to serve hundreds and hundreds of guests, whereas some local AKC-certified catering kitchens in Atlanta simply can’t handle that volume. This leads to the next perk….

There are diverse event space options for large events.

kosher plated meal

The 1,500-square-foot kosher kitchen is located in Savanna Hall, opened just before the pandemic, and offers 25,000 square feet of event space that’s both indoors and outdoors. This impressive building was actually built in 1921 and was home to the Atlanta Cyclorama for nearly a century, but it was given new life and turned into a luxurious event facility.

You can host up to 550 for a seated event and 750 for a reception-style gathering with panoramic glass walls that allow a window into the African Savanna (literally and figuratively). Plus, there are two outdoor terraces, one of which is covered, to add options for a great event flow. You may come across zebras, elephants, giraffes, or ostriches!

All tableware and kitchen equipment are provided and stored in the kosher kitchen.

Kosher Zoo Atlanta Catering

In order to ensure that every aspect of the food preparation is handled with care, all tableware and equipment for kosher events is stored in the kosher kitchen, so you don’t need to worry about cross-contamination or any other factors.

A Rabbi is on-site at every event, and a Mashgiach works with our team closely during production.

One question you should ask kosher caterers when planning events is how they ensure their team is properly trained in the laws of kosher food preparation and handling.

And since we’re here, we’ll answer it in terms of what we do! At every kosher event at Zoo Atlanta, we have a Rabbi on-site, and beyond that, we have training and best practices prior to the event with the Mashgiach, who works with our team on an ongoing basis.

Atlanta Kosher Catering

Rest Assured, You Can Trust POP with Your Kosher Catering in Atlanta

As a recent nominee for Best Caterer from the Atlanta Jewish Times, we pride ourselves in producing catered kosher simchas that meet the needs of the Jewish community in Atlanta. Our culinary team understands the importance of connecting tradition and heritage with amazing event experiences. We’re committed to providing innovative and upscale cuisine without compromising quality and kashrut standards. 

If you want to talk about your next catered kosher event, share your information with us, and our team will get in touch as soon as possible!

by Dina Biondo in Menus