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Urban Tree Cidery
1465 Howell Mill Rd NW,
Atlanta, Georgia 30318
Contact: Jeffrey Hollington
404-892-2359 x 116

Urban tree Cidery

Urban Tree Hard Cider has its manufacturing facility, first tasting room (called the ‘Cidery'), in West Midtown. It's also the first Cidery in Atlanta, GA!
The entire facility is over 4,500 square feet, will accommodate approximately 250 people and is designed for cider tastings, tours and special events.
UTC produces three ‘flagship' ciders. Classic, a semi-sweet cider that is crisp and refreshing. Original, a European style semi-dry cider crafted to be hearty with subtle notes of apple sweetness. Their third is Barrel-Aged, which is robust with hints of oaky vanilla aromas it gains from the time it spent in Nicaraguan rum barrels. At the Cidery you will also be able to enjoy Seasonal and Artisanal Reserve varieties. These will range from selections that are infused with Cascade Hops, ginger/habanero pepper and other exciting creations utilizing bold ingredients that capture the season.
Janice Wilmer

Janice Wilmer

Creative Director


Lynchburg, Virginia

Favorite Proof of the Pudding Dish

Coconut Shrimp Martini and Ham and Pimento Cheese Biscuits.

At home I like to cook

Pizza! Did you know the world's best pizza is made by a girl from Lynchburg, Virginia? You should!

Must see site or location

I love the Silver Comet Trail.

Most memorable event

The first big dinner we catered for President and Mrs. Carter. We served a souffle for dessert, and it was stunning!

What I like best about my work

Shopping for decor and working with our wonderful clients. There's nothing better than searching for the piece to inspire the design!
Shelia Lockhart

Shelia Lockhart

Operations Director


Dillon, South Carolina

Favorite Proof of the Pudding Dish

Lemon Ricotta Ravioli with a glass of Pinot Gris

At home I like to cook

Biscuits! There's nothing quite like waking up to the smell of freshly baked biscuits.

For fun

I love spending time with my husband just relaxing around the house.

Most unusual food request

We were asked to bake a cake for a groom that resembled a Black Labrador Retriever - and we had to make it in the house of the reception! Then, there was a squabble: the bride wanted the cake outside, and the groom wanted the cake inside. We stood holding the 40-pound cake while they decided what to do!

My work philosophy

No excuses and make sure every guest is happy!
Jeffrey Hollington

Jeffrey Hollington

Account Executive



Favorite Proof of the Pudding Dish

Pecan Crust Chicken.

At home I like to cook

I love to cook stir fry!

For fun

I enjoy working out and running marathons.

Most Unusual food request

Time Travel themed food stations.

My work philosophy

Treat clients as if you are your own client and treat others as you would like to be treated!
Howard Garnel

Howard Garnel



Chef Howard is no stranger to varied cuisines. From Denver, Austin, Dallas, Grand Cayman, Charlotte , Charleston & South Beach he has seen it all. Howard settled in Atlanta where he was managing partner for US Cafe, winning "Best Burger in Atlanta" Editors Choice Creative Loafing.  Howard then opened Village Cafe in the Smyrna Market Village as Executive Chef, a farm to table scratch made concept. Howard then joined  Safari Hospitality as Executive Chef of Glorious Event & Alliance Hospitality in 2013 and lead his staff with confidence and creativity.

"I think of myself as a casual, comfortable guy. I truly believe that whether you are eating dinner at a wedding reception or picnicking in the back yard, the food that is produced should wrap you up, bring back wonderful memories or create new tantalizing ones. Food should be a desire and not a function".

When he gets a breather from the hustle and the bustle of culinary world he is gardening at home growing wonderful vegetables that he prepares with his wife Krissa and children Emma & Max, inspiring another generation of food lovers.


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