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Order Chastain

Order in Advance. Save Time. Avoid the Line.

How To Place Your Order

Place order online or CALL 404-898-1757 to speak to a Proof of the Pudding associate.

When To Place Your Order

For Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Concerts:
Place orders on or no later than 2:00pm of the day BEFORE the event.

For Saturday, Sunday & Monday Concerts:
All orders must be placed on or before the Friday (prior to the concert) at 12:00p.m. noon.

We Have Everything You Need

No packing, no carrying. We'll have it packed in a cooler, ready and waiting for you.

  • Cocktail Fare
  • Party Packs
  • Tablecloth
  • Glasses
  • Wine Opener
  • Votive Candles

Faxed & Online orders are not processed until we call you to confirm receipt of your order. There will be a 50% charge for all cancellations made within 24 business hours. We still deliver to every concert, rain or shine. If it rains and you choose not to go to the park, you may pick up your order at our offices on the next business day until 2:00pm.