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Gourmet Food at Atlanta Airport & Office

Atlanta Gourmet Food - At the Airport & Office

In addition to catering a myriad of social and business events, Proof of the Pudding is a purveyor of gourmet food on-the-go. Featuring an appealing array of pre-packaged meals, Plane Delicious and Fresh Gourmet operate kiosks at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. In addition, GetAway Cafés are open in upscale Atlanta office buildings, offering many high-quality choices. These healthy alternatives to fast food are backed by Proof's more than 35 years of culinary expertise.

Plane Delicious

The first gourmet food concept tailored to the discriminating Atlanta air traveler, Plane Delicious serves pre-packaged sandwiches, salads, and desserts along with a choice of cool beverages. You can eat these meals on the plane or on-the-run.

Fresh Gourmet

A must for Hartsfield-Jackson Airport guests seeking a new wholesome food experience, Fresh Gourmet is the brainchild of Concessions International and Proof of the Pudding. Savor all-natural, low-sodium, and low-fat salads, wraps, and sandwiches.

GetAway Café

Located in a multitude of upscale Atlanta office buildings, GetAway Café provides workers with a golden culinary opportunity to purchase our signature gourmet fare, from grab-and-go convenience items to popular dine-in menu selections.

Get in on GetAway Café

If your office building has adequate kitchen facilities, we'll help you create a convenient and modern foodservice destination under the renowned "Proof" brand. For details, contact Adam Noyes at 404-892-2359 or adam.noyes@proofpudding.com